Residential Glass by Bradford Glass – Limited Lifetime Warranty

Installation labor for all residential glass products sold and installed by Bradford Glass is warranted for one year. Bradford Glass will install, for no charge, parts provided under Bradford Glass’ or another manufacturer’s warranty within one year of the original installation – a labor charge may apply after one year. Mirrors and Mirror Doors carry a one (1) year warranty on finish and operation. Mirrors installed near and around a Jacuzzi, tub, or shower cannot be warranted. Storm Doors carry a ten (10) year warranty on the door and hinge, and a one (1) year on the attaching hardware. This warranty excludes damage to the glass or screen. Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures carry one (1) year warranty on fit, finish, and operation. This warranty excludes acrylic panels and glass breakage. Insulated (Double Pane) Glass is warranted by its manufacturer. Standard insulated units are warranted against seal failure for ten (10) years, and units with internal muntin bars are warranted for five (5) years. This warranty excludes: insulated units installed in slope glazed applications, pool and sauna areas, and vehicles; units exceeding 50 square feet in size; units with window film applied; and any units explicitly not warranted by the manufacturer. Please read General Provisions that apply to all warranties.

General Provisions of all our Warranties

To seek remedy under any Bradford Glass warranty, the customer must contact Bradford Glass and make arrangements for Bradford to inspect and repair the defect within 30 days. Our warranties do not cover additional damages resulting from a defect in product or labor if those damages could have been prevented by reasonable action from the customer. All warranty work must be performed by Bradford Glass or a service provider designated by Bradford Glass. Costs and charges from repairs by a non-designated service provider will not be reimbursed. Warranty claims can be reported the service center where the work was performed or by calling 1-586.200.2373 The customer must produce a Bradford Glass receipt or enough information to locate Bradford’s electronic record of the original service invoice. We make no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face thereof. None of the warranties herein are transferable. Our liability shall not include any direct, consequential, or incidental losses or damages in states that allow this exclusion. This warranty will become void should breakage or damage of the replacement glass occur due to the misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, vandalism, theft, Acts of God, intentionally inflicted damage, or if the glass is serviced by a party other than Bradford Glass. If our work is ever unsatisfactory in any way, please let us know – Our greatest assets are satisfied customers.

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