Screen Repair

Storm & Screen Doors by Bradford Glass Company

Window screens are an important part of homes in Michigan.  with the season changes we often have the opportunity to open windows.  whether it is to let in  fresh air or to warm up or cool down the interior, our homes need screens.  insects are a part of our environment and many people are allergic to bug bites, therefore we offer several types of insect screen.  we have your typical insect screen as well as tiny insect screen.  solar screen and pet resistant screen are available as well. We can repair or replace your existing screen frame.  many times a screen frame will become damaged (broken corners or bent rail).  we can repair that for you.  we can also make you a complete new screen frame after you choose what type of mesh you would like installed. Bradford Glass also repairs or replaces broken storm windows in shop or at your home. Call Bradford glass today to assist you in your screen and storm window repair.

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