Michigan Automotive Glass Insurance Claims

Just one call handles it all

The easiest way for you is to let us handle all the insurance difficulties. We have direct connections to most major insurance glass departments and can get it authorized quickly. Have your policy info in hand (found on your proof of insurance) when you call one of our professionals, and we are more than happy to set up and arrange your application. How glass insurance works Automobile insurance is divided into two types: Collision and Comprehensive. The Comprehensive portion covers all glass damage. When you have glass damage, you must make a claim as soon as possible in order for you insurance company to pay the majority of the reparation bill. Because it’s not a collision, a glass claim does not make you a “higher risk” driver and usually will not affect your insurance rates. You can see your insurance agent if you are not completely certain of what they include.

Making glass claims:

Very few insurance companies process their own glass claims. When you call in, you get routed to a third party call center that processes the claims paperwork. Some of those third party companies are owned by or have a financial agreement with a glass company. The third party may try to get you to go to their own shop, sometimes they even try scare tactics by saying they won’t guarantee any other glass shop’s work. Your right to choose your own glass shop is protected by Michigan law. Not only this, but we have guaranteed our work since 1915. You can control the process by deciding which glass shop you trust before you file the claim. Also, by remembering a third parties interest.


When you buy your policy, your deductible is set up by your insurance agent. One gets lower insurance premium using this message.

Our low cash price alternative:

if your policy doesn’t include glass repair or will not provide means for it, our low cash price is the way to go. We replace more glass than anyone in Michigan so our buying power allows us to offer you the best prices on the best brands of glass.

Michigan Automotive Glass Insurance Claims | Michigan Auto Glass Insurance Claims | Michigan Automotive Insurance Claims

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